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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Nov 2 10:03:21 GMT 2006

Le jeudi 02 novembre 2006 à 05:55 +0200, Jimmy Angelakos a écrit :
> Hi, I apologise if this has been brought up before.

There is a bug open about that on launchpad:

> System -> Administration -> Disks was a GREAT utility for the novice /
> intermediate user. People were amazed at Ubuntu's user-friendliness
> compared to other distros and how simple it was to mount any partition.

The tool was not that great, you can look at the list of open bugs on
launchpad if you want to have an idea on some of the issues with it

> I assume there was a good reason for removing this app? 

gnome-system-tools architecture has changed and the tool need to be
ported to the new architecture. It has some design flaws and should be
rewritten using hal too

> Quite a lot of
> us found this app very handy for quick fstab editing 

One of the issues with it is that he didn't do fstab editing:

> I think this is clearly a regression and takes away ease of use. Do you
> agree?

Having a disks manager is nice, the previous disks-admin was not optimal
though. The feature might be back next cycle if the required changes are
made. It depends on how busy upstream and contributors will be


Sebastien Bacher

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