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I've been away for awhile (sick in the hospital) but I thought I'd quickly
forward this e-mail I got regarding moving the ubuntu IRC channels to


Cody A.W. Somerville

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From: Daniel Henninger <jadestorm at nc.rr.com>
Date: Oct 24, 2006 7:33 PM
Subject: Regarding: move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?
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Hi there!

I do a lot of things in the Jabber/XMPP universe, primarily focused on
transports, and saw a post referencing y'all's discussion regarding moving
your support channels from IRC to Jabber.  That said, you may be surprised
to hear that I'm more in agreement with -not- moving it.  Why you might
ask?  Via Jabber transports, you can use your existing Jabber account to
connect to IRC.  You can not go the other direction.  (IRC account
connection to a Jabber/XMPP MUC)  Honestly, if I were to suggest anything
at all, I would say if you really wanted to start embracing Jabber, maybe
set up a central XMPP server for Ubuntu with a good IRC transport that
would allow folk to play with XMPP and easily connect to #whatever on
freenode.net.  Sorry to bug you directly with this but I doubt I have
access to post to the list and honestly, I'm not interested in Ubuntu to
where I would have a reason to join the list.  I'm replying to you simply
because I thought you brought up some great points and thought you might
be a good person to point this out to.  Sorry for intruding!  =)


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