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Cody Somerville wrote:
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> From: *Daniel Henninger* <jadestorm at nc.rr.com <mailto:jadestorm at nc.rr.com> >
> Via Jabber transports, you can use your existing Jabber account to
> connect to IRC.  You can not go the other direction.  (IRC account
> connection to a Jabber/XMPP MUC)  Honestly, if I were to suggest anything
> at all, I would say if you really wanted to start embracing Jabber, maybe
> set up a central XMPP server for Ubuntu with a good IRC transport that
> would allow folk to play with XMPP and easily connect to #whatever on
> freenode.net <http://freenode.net>.  

I think i briefly addressed this in one of my mails in the original
thread. While it's true that it's possible to access IRC through jabber,
the current state of integration will make the user experience a lot worse.

There are issues like:
 * Nickserv asking passwords for nicknames
 * Server notices
 * Channel notices (join messages sent by chanbot)

When you combine those you will get a flood of messages when you join a
single IRC channnel. And of course the clients get to decide how to
display these messages, gajim just starts a chat with all parties (like
the server, chanbot and nickserv).

The only way how this could be made to work would be to write a special
IRC transport for freenode (or what ever network is used) and include
all these special cases there. Eventually this would lead to the point
where freenode would implement their own IRC transport that is able to
integrate to nickserv and chanserv to provide the information that is
required through the proper calls within XMPP system.

Also, bringing the transport closer to freenode would bring in ability
to track users. With the current IRC transports all users are shown to
come from a single hostname and usually with the same username. This is
a major head ache for IRC network admins since they are unable to track
down single users.

After writing all that, i must say that the only way to make IRC
transport a worth while option would be to implement it directly to
freenode servers.

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