need video production advice - not devel, but certainly a user case

john e john.godzero at
Thu Mar 23 16:56:06 GMT 2006

Ok; my last email for this thread on devel  -- my apologies for the traffic.

Matt:  thankyou much, I will take a look

John:  goodish idea, maybe a link to a .deb with Shuttleworth's
signature on the boot splash-screen? I'd like that... better yet...
all of the devels'/motus' sigs in a big .jpg or .png would be cooler.

Make it a prize not necessarily for this.. but something like a
Rosetta submission or something(!?!).
Mark Shuttleworth: read this! ^^^

Duncan:  I don't have firewire on my kubuntu machine, but a family
member does on their windows machine. I expect to copy the the mini-dv
on that machine, then ethernet it to mine (ftp/http/whatever). I'm
peripherally aware of the problems with firewire and computer
security. I'm interested to see the eventual "fix" seeing as that I'll
prolly end up with firewire eventually.

Lucas:  My mistake. Sorry for any inconvenience to the community ( 1
email times thousands(?) of readers = big time dump, I know)

Everyone:  Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. If your
curious to see what happens, I'll post in my threads at kubuntu-user@

On 3/21/06, Matthew Palmer <mpalmer at> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 12:40:57PM -0600, john e wrote:
> > My job would be to add a menu and edit the actual video and add text
> > overlays and create the master dvd image(s).
> >
> > Any software (gpl compatible 100% preferred) and technique advice
> > would be greatly welcome.
> I can't help you on the actual editing itself, but I made a writeup of my
> process to get a bunch of WMV files into a DVD.  A quite similar process
> will probably work nicely for you, once you've got video files you're happy
> with (via whatever editing process you end up using).  The relevant blog
> entry is:
> - Matt
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