need video production advice - not devel, but certainly a user case

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at
Tue Mar 21 21:23:34 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 12:40 -0600, john e wrote:
>  My problem is this:
> A local church whom I am genetically attached (the pastor is my aunt,
> I'm an atheist who is the family's alpha geek) would like to produce
> DVDs at a nominal price ($10ish I think) and they want me to produce
> them.
> I have already produced a website for them
> (, and using past experience as a guide I
> expect payment to be around a 12 pack of mountain dew per 100 hours.
> I'm not complaining, just noting the lack of cash to emphasize that
> new hardware is out of the question. (the church is new and numbers in
> the tens)
> I have access to a mini-dv camcorder (no mic jack - arg!) and a
> windows machine (not mine) that has a firewire port for importing
> video. Once the raw footage is on HDD, transfer to my kubuntu machine
> is no problem (be it 100s or 1000s or 10,000s of MB).
> My job would be to add a menu and edit the actual video and add text
> overlays and create the master dvd image(s).
> Any software (gpl compatible 100% preferred) and technique advice
> would be greatly welcome.
> Throw me some good links please (/me crosses fingers)
> John Everett
Ubuntu-devel is a very high traffic mailing list right now.  This list
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