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Christian Bjälevik nafallo at
Sun Mar 19 10:41:24 GMT 2006

ons 2006-02-22 klockan 13:29 -0800 skrev Corey Burger:
> 1. Cups - The web service was turned off due to Ubuntu's policy on no
> running servers. If you want to discuss Ubuntu's security policy,
> please raise that in a new thread, with your specific objections and
> how you can make Martin Pitt happy. 

Wrong. The cups server is still running on localhost, and so is the
webinterface. In /usr/share/doc/cupsys/README.Debian.gz on my server
running Ubuntu 5.10 we can read the correct reason, quoted below.

>  - Administration over the web interface is disabled by default since it
>    requires the CUPS daemon to be able to read /etc/shadow.  If you want to
>    enable web administration with shadow passwords (authentication type
>    'basic'), put the user cupsys into group shadow by
>        adduser cupsys shadow
>    as root.

Cheers, /C - who thinks it's easy enough to get that interface back if you need it
Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at>
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