Problems with PPPoE under Dapper

Borden Rhodes hislordship at
Fri Mar 17 07:59:43 GMT 2006

Hey Mark

I've had some problems with my PPPoE connection under Dapper
too.  I'll be happily connected for upwards of 45 minutes
and then, all of the sudden, the connection will go dead (it
won't tell me that it's gone dead but I won't be able to
connect to anything).  This happened when I first upgraded
and it seems to have gone away by itself.

Try running pppoeconf - it's my first course of action
whenever pon and poff fail.  Especially after a
dist-upgrade, I think it helps to have some configuration
files refreshed (or that may just be force of habit from my
Windows days a month ago).

Also, double-check your ifconfig to make sure that multiple
ppp# instances are running - that's a sure-fire way to mess
up my Internet connection.

I'm a Linux noob so this is just what I've found to work -
it may or may not work for you.

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