my experience with testing flight 5, your experiences? and why the delay is essential

Sam Morris sam at
Mon Mar 13 13:58:00 GMT 2006

Sander van Loon wrote:
> Resolution not detected correctly, screen resolution dialog messed up
> I have an Eizo F730 CRT monitor and a GeForce 7800GT. When Dapper
> started up, I noticed it had set my monitor to the highest possible res,
> 1920 x 1440, while the recommended reso for my monitor is 1280 x 1024.
> In the resolution dialog, resolutions are listed double.
> 7Evanlonen/ubuntu_testing/flight5_screenresolution.jpg

I don't see how it is possible for your monitor to convey to the X 
server the fact that the recommended resolution is 1280x1024.

> So I manually mounted my Windows partition as described in the Ubuntu
> documentation. I copied over some stuff from my WXP partition to my own
> home dir. Then it turned out that Ubuntu decided to revoke my write
> permission when it copied those files. So I had to change the
> permissions on all those files again. This is especially annoying if you
> copy over a lot of files (say a backup of my photos collection in
> F-Spot, that's 180 MB), because there is no way in Nautilus to give
> write permission to all files in subdirectories as well.

The file permissions are probably copied along with the files 
themselves. There were some posts on <> recently 
about a new file permissions interface for Nautilus; until they are 
released in a new version of Nautilus, there is chmod --recursive.

> Bittorrent
> The official Bittorrent client provided by the Ubuntu repo is version is
> 3.4.2, that's a very old version. The most recent version is 4.4. My
> guess is that Ubuntu still has 3.4.2 because gnome-btdownload depends on
> that specific version, true?

Debian (and derivatives) can not move to version 4 or higher because of 
licensing issues.

> However, there are Bittorrent trackers
> which ban old versions of Bittorrent, if I'm correct. So this can make
> Bittorrent 3.4.2 useless.

Only for warez kiddies.

> gnome-btdownload is dead , didn't have updates
> for months and it's no longer developed. So my suggestion is that Ubuntu
> adopts the latest version of the official Bittorrent client, 4.4. That
> doesn't integrate in GNOME as well as gnome-btdownload though, but it's
> better than this old version. Unfortunate that GNOME doesn't have a
> decent Bittorrent client, like KDE has KTorrrent. 

Not possible until the Bittorrent copyright holder(s) fix their license.

> Rendering errors in Epiphany
> Epiphany renders slightly different than Firefox on Windows XP.
> Especially with Flash enabled, the fonts are messed up. On my previous
> Ubuntu install, Epiphany used to render these pages identical to Firefox
> on Windows.

Maybe this is related to the (not so) recent changes to fontconfig that 
made European font rendering look slightly worse in order to make Asian 
font rendering actually usable.

Sam Morris

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