my experience with testing flight 5, your experiences? and why the delay is essential

Martin Kreiner m.kreiner at
Mon Mar 13 17:21:37 GMT 2006

Sam Morris schrieb:
> Sander van Loon wrote:
>> Resolution not detected correctly, screen resolution dialog messed up
>> I have an Eizo F730 CRT monitor and a GeForce 7800GT. When Dapper
>> started up, I noticed it had set my monitor to the highest possible res,
>> 1920 x 1440, while the recommended reso for my monitor is 1280 x 1024.
>> In the resolution dialog, resolutions are listed double.
>> 7Evanlonen/ubuntu_testing/flight5_screenresolution.jpg
> I don't see how it is possible for your monitor to convey to the X
> server the fact that the recommended resolution is 1280x1024.
currently i am playing with some "advanced" xorg autoconfiguration and this bit
is done like this:

- try to figure out if its LCD or CRT ("ddcprobe" and "hwinfo")
- if LCD: use highest supported resulution (=native LCD resolution)
  if CRT:
    - get the size of the monitor ("ddcprobe" and "hwinfo")
    - calculate a "suitable" default resolutions (e.g. 19'' -> 1280x1024)

if helper programs do not provide any monitor infos use a fallback default like
"800x600 at 75"


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