cdebootstrap status

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Sun Mar 12 14:40:29 GMT 2006

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 06:05:12PM -0500, Francois-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> There have been no changes done to cdebootstrap to get it to work with Ubuntu 
> distributions?

No. I had a brief look once, but ran out of time.

> I have not looked seriously at the code, yet, but before I even start, is 
> there anything that fundamentally blocks somebody from making a patch to get 
> it to work in Ubuntu?

Well, unless you want to upload cdebootstrap every week or two to adjust
its definition of the base system the way we used to have to upload
debootstrap, it needs to be taught how to get its definition of the base
system from the Priority fields in the archive. Other than that there
isn't anything particular blocking this, no.

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