VIM syntax highlighting broken?

Rocco Stanzione grasshopper at
Sat Mar 4 14:53:45 GMT 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 07:08, Michael Bienia wrote:
> Create a symlink vim63 -> vim64 in /usr/share/vim. I've done it some
> time ago and nearly forgot about this bug.
> IIRC this is necessary because vim-runtime is installed in
> /usr/share/vim/vim64 and vim looks for files in /usr/share/vim/vim63
> because vim --version thinks it's 6.3 (dpkg tells it's 6.4).

I ran across thus too, but I didn't realize it was a bug or I'd have filed a 
bug report.  I "set runtimepath" manually in my .vimrc, which I've kept 
around at least since 6.3, and /usr/share/vim64 wasn't in there.  I added it 
and all was well.  Off to launchpad now to see if there's a bug report.


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