missing openoffice widgets on amd64?

Alexandre Strube surak at surak.eti.br
Fri Mar 3 22:40:33 GMT 2006

Hello ubuntu-devel people,

This message was posted before, but no one answered. (inspite of the
fact the bitmap was viewed more than 70 times).

I though I've seen a bug for this, which is not the case, so I opened


I've been lurking on ubuntu forums and ubuntu-users for the matter of
running macromedia flash on amd64 systems.

One of the proposed solutions is installing firefox-i386 , thus enabling
macromedia's plugin installation.

It works, but one thing puzzles me. Firefox's widgets and window icon
seems to disappear when firefox-i386 is run on amd64 systems, as you can
see at http://www.surak.eti.br/firefox32-on-amd64.jpg

Forums and ubuntu-users didn't offer a solution for this. Is this
perhaps some i386 lib which is missing on lib32's packages for amd64?

This is not related with
https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/28479 ,
however a solution for this would be nice before closing this malone

Thanks for your attention.
Alexandre Strube <surak at surak.eti.br>

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