Regarding SCIM

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Fri Mar 3 10:21:50 GMT 2006

Martin Pitt a écrit :

>Hi Loïc!
>Loïc Martin [2006-02-28 21:43 +0100]:
>>Could it also be possible to add scim on Dapper's cd? Since part of it 
>>is in main, and since the rest might end up in main too.
>Yes, we will put scim into ubuntu-desktop and skim into
>kubuntu-desktop. They are pretty small and should fit on the CDs.
>The various input modules (which are very big, too big for the CD)
>will become dependencies of the respective language-support-*
>packages, so that installs with available network or DVD installs will
>automatically get them as appropriate.
Thanks to all involved!

I just checked the size of the various input modules, and it's true that 
with their dependences they amount to a few Mb for each language (from 2 
to 8Mo depending the language), even when compressed again with 7z (no 
relevant compression gain). However, I just tested Chinese and Japanese 
IM (Hangul seems smaller, but I don't know which dependences are not on 
the CD, and languages spoken in India might be lighter too).

It's not possible to fit everything on the CD, the net method is a good 
solution atm since (tested) language-support is looking very good in Dapper.

However, could this be considered for Dapper +1, if the discussion about 
changing the compression methods for packages on the CD ends up useful? 
Another solution for Dapper +1 is considering adding the language IM 
that are light enough (if there are languages that only amount to a few 
ko with their dependences), since that would also broaden the use of 
Ubuntu (thinking about Korean or languages spoken in India).

That's just a wish, though, because it's not sure these ideas could be 
done. Or maybe the solution would be having them on the DVD, excepts 
people that don't have broadband often can't read DVD either :)


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