How to tell whether a package is part of "Server" or "Desktop" version of Ubuntu; decoding 3-year vs 5-year support

John Schofield schoflist at
Mon Jun 12 22:31:50 BST 2006

As I understand it, the Desktop version of Ubuntu Dapper LTS will be  
supported for 3 years, while the Server version of Dapper will be  
supported for 5 years.

I see on that:

> The desktop, server, developer and thin client/cluster support  
> packages cover different sets of components in the Ubuntu  
> distribution.
> An up-to-date list of what is supported on the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS  
> (Long Term Support) release will be available on Thursday 1st June  
> 2006.

Yet I haven't been able to find this information anywhere. Is my  
Google-Fu weak, or has this information not yet been released?

I'm pretty sure that the default install from the server CD would be  
supported for 5 years. What if I install ubuntu-desktop on top of a  
server install? Those packages are probably only supported for 3  
years. But how do I know, when I'm planning a server rollout, exactly  
what packages will be supported for how long? Are all command-line  
apps considered "Server" while all GUI's are considered "Desktop?"  
Where is the boundary between the two?


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