Accessibility BOFs in Paris

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Sun Jun 11 19:49:22 BST 2006

Hi ubuntu-devel,

(and esp. those going to Paris)

I just wanted to pimp some of the sessions the Accessibility Team has 
scheduled for the Paris Summit. Some cover some broad access strategies 
going forward, like accessibility-testing, while others like 
speakup-inclusion require more direct technical changes in core parts of 

Since accessibility might traditionally not be too much on people's 
radar I though I would just mention some of the specs here where we will 
need some core dev expertise to make progress.
This is about solving the problem we have where blind users cannot 
install using Ubiquity and cannot use some GUI admin tools that require 
sudo access.
Here we would like to talk to anyone who knows compiz and where Ubuntu 
is going with this in the Edgy cycle. (this is a SoC project)
Here we seek the help of the Live CD guys again to bring Live CD access 
up to the next level
This investigates the possibility of getting the Speakup module includes 
as an official Ubuntu kernel module so text-to-speech can be made to 
work on the raw command prompt.
With a speakup-enabled kernel it will be possible to listen to the CLI, 
but getting speech up from early in the boot process so can hear error 
messages will require other changes as well.

The broader, more informational specs are:

Thanks for reading :)

- Henrik

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