Installing a compiler by default

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Thu Jun 8 21:36:46 BST 2006

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006 09:44:17 -0700
Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:

> I would like to propose that, beginning in Edgy, Ubuntu desktop
> systems (both live and installed) should, by default, include the set
> of packages necessary to compile simple C programs and Linux kernel
> modules.

At least after ubuntu-server install. pppoe-config in Debian/Ubuntu
isn't much of a PPPoE solution. To use rp-pppoe, gcc is needed, and
it's borking/anoying to install build-essential every time I want to
create Ubuntu pppoe router :)

So, +1 from me.

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