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Wed Jun 7 01:13:00 BST 2006

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 01:20:59 +0200
Gianmarco Leone <gm_l at> wrote:
> > would it be simpler to add things like dialup configuration into network-manager?
> > 
> > sam tygier
> > 
> IMHO dialup is already easy to set up. I think the most problematic
> things are ISDN and ADSL.

Easy enough to set up, yes - but for both Hoary and Breezy I needed to
resort again to the old faithful pppconfig.

The graphical config produced download speeds of around  *4 MB/hour* (no,
that isn't an error on my part). Switching to pppconfig immediately
brought the speed back up to 16 -18 MB/hour.

Looking pretty and being friendly isn't quite enough...

I'm on ADSL now, so it isn't an issue for me , but it sure is for people on
dialup. Perhaps this has been fixed in Dapper, I wouldn't know now, since I
got DSL before upgrading.



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