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Jan Moren jan.moren at
Mon Jul 31 10:58:44 BST 2006

mån 2006-07-31 klockan 10:48 +0100 skrev Matthew East:
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> * Jerome Gotangco:
> > f-spot also "imports" images by default so you'll be having 2 copies
> > of your images
> I also got bitten by this. Tseng pointed out that this is a default that
> you can uncheck.

Last time I tried to import in place, f-spot locked up every time in
some busy wait after half of the images were imported. And afterwards,
using f-spot was so unstable as to be unusable (which is not the case if
you allow it to copy the images).

It's a great app, but it still has a way to go before I'll find it

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