Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Michiel Sikma michiel at
Mon Jul 31 09:13:39 BST 2006

Op 31-jul-2006, om 10:10 heeft Adam Conrad het volgende geschreven:

> So, using a more straightforward application is "wrong"?  I take some
> measure of offense with that statement, given that I tried tomboy,  
> found
> it reasonably pointless to me, and I still use the Sticky Notes
> applet.   Ironically, obviously, I'm not one of these "normal users",
> but from a desktop perspective, I tend to keep it pretty simple.
> ... Adam

No, that's not what I meant. I'm sorry if it sounded that way; what I  
meant was simply that it might be beneficial for a user to get  
acquainted with more powerful software that might benefit them in the  
long run. Even casual users could appreciate that in some cases  
(although, like you say, it's true that software must always be  
inituitive and straightforward, which some software is not).


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