gfxboot logo customization on desktop-cd

Fabrizio Balliano fabrizio.balliano at
Mon Jul 24 16:20:00 BST 2006

hi to all,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but...
I'm developing an ubuntu derivative starting from dapper desktop-cd,
I'd like to change gfxboot logo but downloading gfxboot-theme-ubuntu
source I only see one image:
- back.jpg
that's not the ubuntu logo, changing it and repackaging the theme
won't do nothing

I also tried to look into the syslinux package without finding nothing

I also tried to build the gfxboot suse theme and placing it into the
livecd but the theme become completely broken

can someone point me to right direction changing gfxboot logo?
thank you very much!
Fabrizio Balliano
fabrizio.balliano at

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