New ZeroConf Spec

Ian Jackson ian at
Wed Jul 19 10:54:07 BST 2006

Hervé Fache writes ("Re: New ZeroConf Spec"):
> On 7/18/06, Ian Jackson <ian at> wrote:
> > It is not really possible for the system to tell reliably whether its
> > ethernet interface is exposed to the Internet or is only on `a local
> > network' (whatever that might mean, but presumably something with less
> > hostile traffic).
> In some cases, it is:

Other people have pointed out that this is not factually accurate.
However, you've also failed to address my other key point about this:

> > If it were possible to tell and the intent is to treat `friendly local
> > network' differently from `direct connection to global Internet via eg
> > DSL' or `unsecured ad-hoc wifi' or whatever, then this should be
> > explained in the spec, obviously: the spec should say how the
> > different things will be distinguished and how they will be treated.

I'm afraid I also want to complain about your list etiquette:

Firstly, please could you trim the quoted text when replying.  This
makes your messages easier to read for us.  And, if you read the
quoted text to decide whether to keep it or cut it, you're less likely
to overlook important things said in the message you're responding to.

Secondly, you sent two separate copies of that message: one to the
list, and one to me privately.  Please don't do that, because it
causes confusion.  If you must send me a copy of your list posting
(people disagree about whether this is a good idea) then you should
_CC_ me, not send me a completely different message which appears to
have been sent only to me !


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