embedded ubuntu?

zcat zcat at wired.net.nz
Mon Jul 17 06:58:21 BST 2006

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> Mark Reitblatt <Mark at Reitblatt.com> wrote:
>> On 7/16/06, Anderson Lizardo <andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
>>> So, in what things are you willing to help? Is anyone interested in
>>> working with EmbeddedUbuntu? I currently have little free time to
>> make
>>> big contributions, but I certainly can dedicate some time if more
>>> people volunteer to help.
>> How about starting off by naming it �bunutu? (micro-buntu)
> It's possible, but I personally find it very difficult to search for
> this name on eg. Google, while "EmbeddedUbuntu" returns pretty much
> unique results. What about using this name only for the logo and
> another, ascii-readable name for texts? (I don't really have any
> preference for a name actually).

The symbol is Mu, prefixing it to Ubuntu (as a single word pronounced 
mew-ubuntu ) currently returns zero results.

And the name fits in nicely with 'k, x, and ed' ubuntu.

Just my 2c :)

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