Research on creation of new knowledge in free software / Ubuntu

Guillaume Blum guillaume.blum at
Sun Jul 16 02:32:44 BST 2006

Hello to all ubunteros, developers, users, contributors.

I’m user of Ubuntu (Dapper) since Hoary, and before that Mandrake, 
Redhat, Debian, Slackware, but I definitely prefer Ubuntu for my 
personal usage.

I am searcher in knowledge management, I “passively” read message, 
mailing-list about development of Ubuntu (I began in UBZ, last October), 
and I decide to write my master-degree dissertation (in French, sorry) 
about knowledge management in free software, more specifically in Ubuntu 
In fact, my dissertation is about how new knowledge emerge from 

As I’m working with log IRC, mailing-list, wiki and everything about 
collective-memory, I announce you my subject of research :) and I think 
it will be interesting work, and if university let me do it, I will 
reverse the dissertation with a free licence (Someone as experience 
about ?) for the communities.

When I will finish it, I post summary in English, and probably 
scientific articles. But for now, if you want know more, or if you are 
interested by my research (or to collaborate with me ;) ), don’t 
hesitate to write me.

Guillaume Blum

PS. Sorry for my poor English level. I understand better I speak.

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