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Steven Harms wrote:
> Greetings,
> As I was browsing launchpad today, I noticed that there is a plethora of
> confirmed nautilus bugs and I am curious if there has been any progress,
> or if nautilus is effectively dead?
> All the above bugs plus a bunch more have been in Launchpad since 2004,
> with no apparent updates or resolution.  Being that nautilus is a core
> desktop component, this is a bit alarming.  Anyone have a status update
> as to nautilus stagnation, or is it simple a matter that the bugs need
> to be triaged?  Many of these bugs were also reconfirmed for the dapper
> release and never addressed, so my fear is the former is true.

If you notice all of these bugs are bugs that exist in the original
(upstream) version of GNOME and hence have been pushed there. Upstream
nautilus has 1286 bugs open [0] and only a few people to diagnose the
fault, fix it and test it, as well as working on new features. Some of
these bugs (the ones marked as "unconfirmed" in the upstream section)
need further triage upstream.

Nautilus is far from dead, so far this week you there has been six
commits have been made this week. I'm sure that there has been lots of
bugs closed since 2004 as well as bugs not opened.

That said, Nautilus like most open source projects could probably do
with any help you offer.



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