First version of automatic debug symbol extraction, call for testing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jul 5 11:19:16 BST 2006

Hi Ubuntu developers around the world!

One of our major goals for Edgy (and Edgy+1) is to improve the way we
handle and report program crashes [1]. For this to work properly, we
need to retain the debug symbols of all packages [2].

Today I finished the first version of the pkg-create-dbgsym package
and uploaded it into edgy. Once you install it, every package build
will automatically create a -dbgsym.ddeb package for all binary debs
that contain at least one ELF file.

They are named .ddeb to not clutter the .deb namespace, get along
better with Soyuz and allow us to create a separate index (Debug.gz).
But you can install them with dpkg -i just as any other deb, and once
you do, gdb will automatically find the debug symbols.

If you are interested in this, please install it and report any build
or other failures you see with this. Right now the test suite covers
the basic cases and some quirks I noticed, but I'm sure that there are
still problems.

This package will not be installed on the buildds anytime soon,
though, since the required Soyuz modifications will still take a
while. However, it might already be useful for developers to get local
debug symbols without any hassle.



Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer

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