Migration Assistant

Chris Debenham chris at adebenham.com
Wed Jul 5 03:06:19 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-04 at 19:28 -0500, Samuel wrote:

.. snipped ..

> - Is it worth supporting migration from operating systems other than
> Windows and Mac OS X? I'm guessing an existing Linux user already
> knows how to copy his home directory...

I'd love for migration from other linux distros to be included.
My mother is running pc-linuxos currently but I'd like to migrate her to
ubuntu as some point so this would help.

(This next bit is not aimed directly at you Samuel so please do not take
Just a point though, this assumption that Linux users are 'power users'
and so know about things such as this is not fully valid anymore.
There are a number of users out there that know little about the system,
they 'just use it'.  It may be that the system was pre-installed or was
installed by someone they know.  The problem is that the oringinal
installer may not be around anymore so the end-user is on their own now.
As Ubuntu is aiming at the 'common user' we can't really afford to
assume any level of knowledge in these users and so should provide all
we can to make life simpler for them.


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