ZeroConf in Ubuntu Edgy

Chris Jones cmsj at
Tue Jul 4 13:06:26 BST 2006


On 12:45:56 pm 04/07/2006 "Dick Davies" <rasputnik at> wrote:
> *clients*, you need to advertise over mdns. I've got a lot of servers
> that want to do that.

I'm trying not to consider the server use case - partly because I don't
believe that zeroconf should be in the default server install and partly
because of what I said about server administration in my previous mail ;)

Either or both of these reasons make it reasonable to expect a server admin
to take care of this in a different way to a desktop user, but I take your
point that some zeroconf users aren't just working as clients.

> That sounds like a good first stab. Maybe extending the 'services'
> applet.

Providing it's fairly easily discoverable that that's where they need to go
to make their service available (the notification thing could tell a user
to check it after they install a new service in the same way it tells them
to restart firefox)

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