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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Tue Jul 4 12:45:56 BST 2006

On 04/07/06, Chris Jones <cmsj at> wrote:
> Hi
> On 1:29:48 am 04/07/2006 Ivan Krstic <krstic at> wrote:
> > system administration are notoriously difficult to write. A proper
> > firewall management tool falls into this category.
> People using Zeroconf seem very likely to be desktop users, so they seem
> unlikely to need a "proper" firewall management tool, just something to
> unblock listening services in a pretty and intuitive way.

That's too wide an assumption - if you want to support zeroconf *clients*,
you need to advertise over mdns. I've got a lot of servers that want to
do that.

> Instead, a simple list could be displayed by a tool in System->Administration, of currently listening services, which will always default to being blocked until a little tick is clicked and they go green and an iptables rule is added. There's no need to block outgoing traffic and no need to offer the full functionality of iptables.

That sounds like a good first stab. Maybe extending the 'services' applet.

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