ZeroConf in Ubuntu Edgy (Summary)

Krishna Sankar ksankar at
Mon Jul 3 19:38:42 BST 2006


	From the discussions, we need three items to have ZeroConf in

	1)	A ZeroConf substrate (avahi)
		Status : Trent is working on this (?)
	2)	Security - Firewall rules
		Status : Carsten Hay has a bounty
	3)	Good support in Gnome - for example a publishing app
		Status : Unknown
	4)	Finally ability to turn on and off ZeroConf selectively, for
a little time, for this session et al
		Stats : TBD in Edgy + 1 (?)

	Makes sense ? What else am I missing ? What state are these in ?
What do we need to do to move the stones forward ? Would be happy to develop
specs for the missing pieces and pitch-in as needed.


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