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Patrick McFarland diablod3 at
Mon Jul 3 18:32:23 BST 2006

On Monday 03 July 2006 13:12, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 7/3/06, Patrick McFarland <diablod3 at> wrote:
> > Since the majority of LANs /are/ trustworthy
> You must live in a different world than the rest of us.
> Even a LAN behind a nice secure firewall is still insecure
> the moment somebody plugs in a laptop from home.
> Unless you have physical control (or maybe logical - with 802.1x or the
> like) over who can plug in to the LAN, your LAN is insecure.
> - Dan

Not quite. I'm a tad more paranoid than most... I firewall all the machines, 
and only allow access from a certain set of MACs. Now, that doesn't stop 
people who just set their MAC to one of mine, but its at least another step.

Also, my wifi is locked down by mac and wpa2-psk, so its pretty secure there 
as well.

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