ZeroConf in Ubuntu Edgy

Scott Dier dieman at
Mon Jul 3 17:24:32 BST 2006

Patrick McFarland wrote:

> Since the majority of LANs /are/ trustworthy, I think mDNS should be enabled, 
> and all apps should "look but not share" by default, and use mDNS 
> functionality as much as possible.

The only trustworthy lan is the one where I control every machine on it. 
    Most people I know in our environment bring their laptops to 
super-untrusted environments most of the time in traveling and using 
their machine at work.  (the 'laptop' wireless and wired lans should be 
treated as untrusted in most environments, as we usually see about a 
worm or two a month on these networks)  So while this holds true for 
home users, I don't see this as true for enterprise and academic users 
with nomadic machines like laptops.

Scott Dier <dieman at>

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