Request: Automatic GRUB option in Dapper

Jimmy Angelakos vyruss at
Tue Jan 31 04:12:19 GMT 2006

Hello there,

It has been suggested that I post this request here, it has also been 
filed as a "wishlist"-bug in Launchpad.

I've been talking with fellow Ubuntites, and I get this complaint: When 
something (i.e. Windows) overwrites the MBR and thus gets rid of the 
installed boot loader GRUB (which means, if you're a newbie, that your 
Linux installation disappears), the only way to fix it is to boot into 
rescue mode and repair everything by hand by reinstalling GRUB.

What makes perfectly good sense to these people (and I agree) is that 
there should be a boot option on the Ubuntu CD (or perhaps within the 
installation) for just an automatic installation of GRUB (and not the 
whole Ubuntu system) which would auto-repair the damage done.

When installing Ubuntu, the auto-detection already works perfectly 
fine. When it finds operating systems on the hard drive, it puts up a 
menu option for each: It should be trivial to implement this feature.

The discussion about this feature request is at:
Many people seem to want this feature!

Jimmy Angelakos

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