NexentaOS (elatte) Alpha 2 released

Alex Ross alexross at
Mon Jan 30 20:59:15 GMT 2006

NexentaOS (elatte) Alpha 2 is now available for download at:

This is a major release, with 84 bugs fixed and 829 packages added since Alpha 1.

In particular, Alpha 2 provides:

* New Installer.
    The new Installer is ncurses/dialog based, user-friendly, and substantially
    cleaned-up. The Alpha 2 Installer supports:

    a. Auto-partitioning - there's no need anymore to interact with
        the low-level fdisk and format utilities.
    b. InstallCD upgrade. If you already have NexentaOS installed,
       simply boot from the InstallCD and follow the instructions.
    c. Network interface configuration (DHCP and static).

* Two new Desktop Managers, in addition to GNOME.
    (Yes, KDE is one of the two)

* Wi-Fi drivers, thanks to

* Full support for Removable Drives.
    NexentaOS can now be installed on a removable drive and booted from it -
    as long as your BIOS supports the option (to boot from a removable drive).
    Tested with 100GB Maxtor drive, 1GB Memorex USB stick,
    as well as Seagate portable USB drive.

* Complete Mono platform, along with popular mono applications: f-spot, beagle, etc.

* Java Runtime Environment included with both InstallCD and LiveCD
    and available right after the installation.

* More Audio drivers.
    AC97 audio controller on VIA chipsets, AC97 audio controller on Intel chipsets,
    and more.

* OpenSolaris build #30, non-DEBUG kernel.

Nexenta Team.

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