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Fri Jan 27 04:14:41 GMT 2006

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Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Ante Karamatic wrote:
>>John Richard Moser wrote:
> Hi John and Ante,
>>>has anyone else noticed gnome-cups-manager in dapper doing [...]
>>This was happening to me too when I had scim and uim libraries installed.
> Could you file a bug on Malone:
> This type of stuff being sent to 'ubuntu-devel' will just get lost as
> there's no way of importing it from the mailing-list to the bug-tracker.

I file bugs a lot and then come back to find nobody can reproduce it.
Turns out this issue was from cups dying.  In turn, that was from lo not
being up.  In turn that was from another (known) bug, which btw was
fixed today.  If a few people get together and work a bit on determining
what the issue is, it helps.

- From another viewpoint, obviously if I see gnome not wanting to load my
first thought is not going to be, "Wow, the devs need to know about
this;" it's going to be, "Holy shit, is this just me?"  I'd think
anything that blatantly kills a common app is going to need a ring on
the dev list anyway; would you prefer a sea of "these minor issues are
going on, this isn't working, this feature in this app is broken, and
btw there's one app here that plain old doesn't work and I dunno if it's
my config or just a bug," or something like "This app is busted, some
discussion on -devel amongst those of us that had the same issue lead to
us figuring out it's not my end, plus we're pretty sure we know what's

Of course I filed a bug.
> 	-Paul

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