Firefox and font issues

Joao Inacio jcinacio at
Thu Jan 26 01:52:51 GMT 2006

Hi, first of all i would like to apologise if this is offtopic for
this list, but since i don't have a clue if its a feature, bug or road
incident here it goes:

I just installed dapper Flight 3, and first thing i do is copy over
some of my fonts from my xp install. i then proceded to create a
~/.fonts.conf file specifying all of MS's fonts to NOT be antialiased
between 8 to 12 pts in size.

this worked as i expected, and choosing a default font of tahoma 8
will present me with some crysp fonts, even if i have "best shapes" as
font rendering option in gnome's font preferences.

My main issue here is firefox, wich doesnt respect at all ANY per-font
setting. wich ever font rendering setting i use, firefox will happily
reply for all of the fonts (including it's interface). since i'm VERY
interested in having some fonts look exactly like they do in windows
(mainly for web-browsing) this is a problem for me..

I guess I'd just like to know if this is a bug or a feature, and if
there is any way to make firefox comply with per-font settings.

Once again, sry if this issue os not on topic with the ubuntu devel
mailing list.

João Inácio
jcinacio at

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