[dapper] lo interface

Tobias Hunger tobias at aquazul.com
Tue Jan 24 10:41:49 GMT 2006

Please write bugreports instead of sending mails to ubuntu-devel.

Having said that, I had similar problems with lo not going up in dapper and 
filed malone #28559 about the issue.

What happened for me is the following: The ifupdown-clean init script is 
responsible for making sure ifupdown starts with a clean slate by removing 
its state file. This failed since the root fs is mounted readonly when the 
script is run. Only after the root fs is checked for errors it is mounted 
read/write. The state file I had around stick around did list "lo" as being 
up, so the ifupdown init script skipped that interface when it tried to bring 
up all interfaces marked "auto" in /etc/network/interfaces later in the boot 

Lets hope this issue gets fixed soon. As a workaround you can always make sure 
that ifupdown-clean is run in /etc/rcS.d only after checkrootfs (i.e. sudo 
mv /etc/rcS.d/S18ifupdown-clean /etc/rcS.d/S21ifupdown-clean).
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