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Le lundi 23 janvier 2006 à 17:43 +0100, Jeroen van Splunder a écrit :
> Moving this to -devel
> Op zo, 22-01-2006 te 22:03 +0000, schreef Tristan Wibberley:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > There was a recent change regarding windows being opened behind the 
> > window you're working on. This has improved the behaviour of the desktop 
> > for most cases, but there is a case that has broken a bit. Is it 
> > possible/practical to recognise when a program's controlling terminal is 
> > a gnome-terminal that has been chosen to not be obscured, and instead 
> > freely obscure it, so programs like "mplayer -fs" do the expected thing 
> > and display in the foreground?
> > 
> > If not, could a second, fake, X display be used that X terminals will 
> > have in the environment of the processes they start, whereby the window 
> > manager puts them on top of that terminal?
> > 
> > Or something like that?
> The same with "alt-F2"; I expect it to immediately pop up. Alt-F2 is
> meant to be fast, I don't want to alt-tab after alt-F2ing and only then
> entering commands. And when I finally type in some command, again I have
> to go looking for the window it generated. How has this improved the
> desktop behaviour? It tires me, having to move the mouse/alt-tab just to
> find windows I just opened.

What you're seeing here are either bugs in the apps or bugs in metacity.

The run dialog was broken in GNOME 2.13.5 wrt to initial focus (I broke
it) and it's fixed in CVS HEAD.

So, please file detailed bugs (which apps, what versions, etc.) in
malone or GNOME bugzilla. Sending a mail on this list won't help us fix
the issue.



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