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Moving this to -devel
Op zo, 22-01-2006 te 22:03 +0000, schreef Tristan Wibberley:
> Hi,
> There was a recent change regarding windows being opened behind the 
> window you're working on. This has improved the behaviour of the desktop 
> for most cases, but there is a case that has broken a bit. Is it 
> possible/practical to recognise when a program's controlling terminal is 
> a gnome-terminal that has been chosen to not be obscured, and instead 
> freely obscure it, so programs like "mplayer -fs" do the expected thing 
> and display in the foreground?
> If not, could a second, fake, X display be used that X terminals will 
> have in the environment of the processes they start, whereby the window 
> manager puts them on top of that terminal?
> Or something like that?
The same with "alt-F2"; I expect it to immediately pop up. Alt-F2 is
meant to be fast, I don't want to alt-tab after alt-F2ing and only then
entering commands. And when I finally type in some command, again I have
to go looking for the window it generated. How has this improved the
desktop behaviour? It tires me, having to move the mouse/alt-tab just to
find windows I just opened.
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