Mentors for the Ubuntu-Women team

Marco Cabizza mc at
Sun Jan 22 22:42:55 GMT 2006

Il giorno dom, 22/01/2006 alle 22.53 +0100, Martin Schmeisser ha
> so dont worry, the next generation will bring many happy hackers and 
> linux users and we will all happily watch proprietary software become 
> fewer and fewer
> see you then!, Martin

I don't actually feel comfortable with such elite clubs honestly. I
wouldn't join a *youth brigade*. I guess that OSS projects just need
hackers or coders, if you're young, well, that's one more point for
you! :)

And I would like to agree with you about that, but Apple is gaining good
looks and compliments from lots of guys, and I guess Apple is not a
major OSS supporter :)


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