Problems with getting commit rights on the ubuntu-doc svn repo

Matthew East mdke at
Sun Jan 22 19:13:38 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 18:19 +0000, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Matthew East wrote:
> > We'll need to convert the docteam over to bzr and get it hosted on the
> > supermirror, hopefully this will be possible post-dapper. I've always
> > been worried about moving to bzr for the docteam because of the nature
> > of the project but it seems that binding to a central branch may permit
> > us to work in a centralised way and adopt bzr nonetheless :)
> >   
> Yes, this assumes that the "bound branches" feature of bzr has landed. 

I'm told (via #bzr) that it is landing soon, and that it should
certainly be there for post-dapper.
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