Problems with getting commit rights on the ubuntu-doc svn repo

Matthew East mdke at
Sun Jan 22 16:31:16 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 13:53 +0000, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > The documentation team works on an svn repository hosted on Ubuntu
> > servers. As a result, the access rights are controlled by the Ubuntu
> > admins. The current procedure for getting new members svn commit access
> > is to send an RT request with the relevant member's details.

> James, please create a process for the Doc Team leader to be able to 
> grant commit access to this SVN repository. In general, team leaders 
> should be able to add contributors and grant content contribution access 
> without reference to the admins or to the CC/TB. Of course, the process 
> must not increase security risks, but I see no reason why it cannot be 
> setup so that a team lead can grant this limited access.

Mark, thanks for responding to this. The doc team doesn't have a leader
as such, but hopefully we can figure out a way that new members can be
added by existing members without having to bother the admins.

> We are *nearly* ready with Launchpad's BZR supermirror integration, 
> which will allow committers to be added just by adding people to a 
> Launchpad team, so all of this should disappear when that's done.

We'll need to convert the docteam over to bzr and get it hosted on the
supermirror, hopefully this will be possible post-dapper. I've always
been worried about moving to bzr for the docteam because of the nature
of the project but it seems that binding to a central branch may permit
us to work in a centralised way and adopt bzr nonetheless :)

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