Collaboration with Debian: a balanced proposal.

Stephan Hermann sh at
Sat Jan 21 12:32:40 GMT 2006

Hi Lucas,

On Saturday 21 January 2006 00:29, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> On 19/01/06 at 18:50 -0200, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> > As a MOTU hopeful and Debian Developer, i'm glad you're interested on
> > this subject too. I think your proposal would work with minor
> > enhancements. I'll split my comments in two sections, Ubuntu
> > Developers and MOTUs:
> >
> > * MOTUs
> > - I believe that a MOTUDct, mainly with Debian Developers involved and
> > interested in organize Ubuntu universe and contribute back to Debian
> > the changes, would work. It isn't only about merge packages but report
> > bugs too. I think it's just a matter of receive a ok from CC or just
> > ogra and dholbach (?!), document it on the wiki and ask for volunteers
> > in utnubu.
> I didn't see DCT as a sub-team of MOTU, because DCT would probably
> handle main packages too. I don't think it's needed either : we need to
> keep it simple so a Debian developer understand how things work at the
> first glance. Reading the debian-devel thread, it seems that several DDs
> already have problems understanding the way MOTUs "maintain" packages in
> universe, and not adding to this complexity would be great.

Reading the updated version of there 
is no need for the main part.

"When a bug is reported in the Debian bug tracking system and then later fixed 
in Ubuntu, the fixes are communicated back directly to the Debian developers 
responsible for that package in Debian and record the patch URL in the debian 
bug system. The long term goal of that work is to ensure that patches made by 
the full-time Ubuntu team members are immediately also included in debian 
packages where the debian maintainer likes the work."

I think that covers most of "main".

> > * Ubuntu Developers
> > - It seems to be the core of the problems coming from that
> > debian-devel threads. It would be better to hear the feedback from
> > Canonical on this first, but i'll take the risk and suggest that they
> > hire a person to work with MOTUDct, doing the same thing but just for
> > main related issues. It's clear that a volunteer (or more) in MOTUDct
> > could do the same, but it's all about "we're contributing back to
> > Debian" thing.
> Of course, it would be an excellent way of showing that Canonical cares
> about Debian. Maybe an employee could be asked to work on DCT
> coordination as a part of his job ? Anyway, we don't really need this
> for now. What we need is more feedback from ubuntu-devel@ before I can
> forward the proposal to other lists (read: Debian's) and get more heated
> feedback ;)

The right way to get an agreement on this, is to forward all those things 
towards the TB, and to have a vote on that.



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