question about gstreamer-0.10

Milo Casagrande milo_casagrande at
Fri Jan 20 10:27:36 GMT 2006

I was looking at Dapper Desktop Starter Guide [1] and noted that
gstreamer-0.8 plugins were used as default. I would like to correct that
document but can't understand some things with gstreamer-0.10.

I'm using Dapper and I have both 0.8 and 0.10 installed, I think I'm
using the 0.10 as totem and rhythmbox use it, but what about the
plugins? I have both installed, is it ok to remove all the 0.8 packages
or the 0.8 plugins can still be used side-by-side with the 0.10

another question: the 0.8 version had the gst-register-0.8 program but I
can't see a 0.10 version, is it ok to use the 0.8 version even with
gstreamer-0.10 isntalled?

Thanks for your time and sorry for lot of questions!


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