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Thu Jan 19 15:59:35 GMT 2006

Wow. Can we expand this system? Also, doesn't Ubuntu need a youth brigade?

On 1/19/06, || Vid Ayer || <svaksha at> wrote:
> Hello Everybody :-)
> Mark suggested I post this on the devel-announce list so here goes !
> We all are aware that the presence of women in programming, developing
> software and other technical arenas is abysmally low. Hence the
> Ubuntu-Women team [0], which aims to mitigate this problem somewhat.
> Earlier when I had suggested this to Mark, he suggested forming a
> core-team of mentors for this project which is the main purpose of
> this email.
> Why this mentor-mentee process instead of the existing IRC or devel lists ?
> Each one-teach one : As a mentor you will be the role model who will
> be interacting with the new entrant/s along technical lines like bug
> triaging, writing patches, coding or packaging and testing, depending
> on their area of interest and yours.
> Example : Christian Perrier (@ Debian) had helped me write a locale
> for the Sanskrit language. The mentor-mentee process makes it easier
> to ask questions specific to your area of expertise. This will enable
> women to contribute to Ubuntu in a meaningful and structured manner
> with a dedicated team of professionals supporting and sharing their
> knowledge and expertise.
> By participating in this project you can help diversify the Ubuntu
> Community. Once the core-team of mentors is in place, it will be
> announced on other mailing-lists, the Fridge, etc...
> Please help make this project a success by listing yourself on the
> Mentor wiki page[1] for any technical task of your choice.  I
> personally thank (in advance) each mentor and other individuals
> willing to volunteer their time to help start this project take off
> and of course Mark.
> Thanks,
> Vid
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> [1]
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-J. Method

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