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For your consideration.


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Hi Jane Weideman,
I hope that this brief email isn't inappropriate or sent to the wrong place
about a feature that may not have been considered or simply over looked in
Ubuntu.MAC architecture.

Here in Canada and United States, "Micro Voip Networks" are starting to
appear and these are non-commercial to small to medium size businesses that
link their offices to their homes and to other family members over the IP
Network.  These mini voip-networks are avoiding costly carriers such as
Vontage and others that charge for voip services.

These mini-voip networks are using the basic entry level ISP Internet
packages that have DHCP IP Addresses assigned.  So, when the ISP decides to
change the IP addresses to their clients they become disconnected between
family and businesses that use voip-networks for telecomm.  This creates a
new generation of administration for such environments.

Like accessing and sharing information through webmail, calendars and files
to name a few.  There is a growing need for administrating IP Connections
for mini-voip networks on a common platform.  Business such as Dynamic DNS
and No-IP provide this type of service for customers who wanted to access
their home networks that had ISP DHCP IP issued addresses.  Ubuntu.MAC could
be the next generation for the voip-networks that creates a centralized IP
administration for those who are using voip-networks and other services.
Centralizing the voip-ip addresses on a platform like this for families, and
others could also be an eye catcher in the market place seeing voip is
getting more press.

I thought while reading about Ubuntu.MAC architecture I write you to see
what you think.  I would be willing to do whatever it would take to see such
a module designed and included in Ubuntu.MAC if desired.


Mal W.

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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