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Thu Jan 19 12:40:56 GMT 2006

Quim Gil wrote:

I think you completely missed the point of my post.

> A new user won't sudo. He will be only prompt for his password when
> performing an action thar requires sudo behind the scenes. If he is
> opening the console to sudo manually it's because a) is not a new user
> anymore or b) needs to know that he is about to do something to be
> careful about.

That's naive.

Terminal is on the applications menu by default.  Every piece of
installed software will be tried by a new user.  How would a new user
know that sudo is behind the scene's from other password prompts?

>>- what is root?
> If you don't know this you better have no permanent root permissions.

I agree.

>>- what is sudo?
> If you don't know what is this you better don't sudo manually. Just
> enter your passowrd when prompted.

so by saying 'run sudo <command>' and enter you password you're not
doing this?

>>- why would I want to run things as root?
> You don't. You want to perform actions. Some actions are delicate and
> require your user password for extra security. People understand this.

No they dont.  if people understood this, there wouldn't be the problem
in the first place.

>>- maybe I should run everything as root!
> Yeah, and maybe also run a cruiser since I have a driving license. :)
> See Microsoft's history of virus and self-damage during the years in
> which users were roots and you will soon realise that no, you shouldn't.

I realise this.  Most users dont.  They're used to doing things the
Microsoft way.

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