gThumb VS EOG

Jan Moren jan.moren at
Mon Jan 16 11:44:25 GMT 2006

AFAIK, eog doesn't give you the three-pane view with thumbnails (at
least 2.13.2 does not). That is pretty critical when you need to look
through a few hundred images at a time. And no, Nautilus is not a good
enough substitute - you really want to be able to quickly flip between
images as you browse and clicking on each and every one, then closing
the window and clicking on the next one is much too cumbersome.

Having f-spot as the default photo app would be a good change, on the
other hand, but that ties in to the question of including Mono, which is
a larger issue.

mån 2006-01-16 klockan 12:22 +0100 skrev Xavier Claessens:
> Hello,
> On dapper we have currently gthumb-2.7.2 and eog-2.13.4 installed at the
> same time. Since 2.13.x eog includes all interesting features of gthumb
> (diaporama,...). So I think dapper should install only eog (GNOME
> default program) because the two programs are redundant.
> There is 2 features in gthumb that are not in eog (as I see):
>  - burn on cdrom: redundant with nautilus-cd-burner (gthumb just start
> nautilus)
>  - import from camera: don't know if it can be done another way, I see
> that gnome-volume-manager uses gthumb when a camera is connected. As I
> see this is the only reason to keep gthumb on dapper...
> What do you think about ?
> Xavier Claessens.
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