gThumb VS EOG

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at
Mon Jan 16 11:22:43 GMT 2006


On dapper we have currently gthumb-2.7.2 and eog-2.13.4 installed at the
same time. Since 2.13.x eog includes all interesting features of gthumb
(diaporama,...). So I think dapper should install only eog (GNOME
default program) because the two programs are redundant.

There is 2 features in gthumb that are not in eog (as I see):
 - burn on cdrom: redundant with nautilus-cd-burner (gthumb just start
 - import from camera: don't know if it can be done another way, I see
that gnome-volume-manager uses gthumb when a camera is connected. As I
see this is the only reason to keep gthumb on dapper...

What do you think about ?

Xavier Claessens.
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