Plans for Ubuntu on new Intel Macs?

Maximilian Gerlach m at
Thu Jan 12 19:31:36 GMT 2006

> There are plans, yes, but currently they're not going to get very far
> because there's no (and I really do mean no) support for the Radeon
> X1600. This wouldn't be quite so bad if the machine supported VESA,  
> but
> given that they've gone for EFI I'd be amazed if that's the case.
Bad news. How about this UGA thingy? No support on this end too? :/

Well, maybe it was a bit too soon to ask this question any way. No  
one here knows how the Intel Macs EFI will be programmed - maybe it  
includes a BIOS/VESA compatibility layer (as sometimes rumored).

Hope dies last, my iMac is ordered ;)

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