Plans for Ubuntu on new Intel Macs?

Maximilian Gerlach m at
Thu Jan 12 17:43:00 GMT 2006

I sent this to the ubuntu-users mailinglist before, but I think  
ubuntu-devel may be the more adequate place to ask, since only the  
devs can answer ;)
So please forgive me if I'm mistaken and this is just regarded as  
additional noise - it wasn't mean that way!

Now, on the original eMail:

Hi everyone,
Are there any plans on supporting the new Intel Macs out of the box?
They are EFI based so Ubuntu has to have at least another boot loader  
(elilo - on the installation CD.

It should be possible to make Ubuntu work on one of these babies, but  
it should also involve some hassle right now (Copy over an existing  
kernel to the EFI partition, get, install and configure the boot  
loader). Are there any plans from the developers to embrace this  
(more or less) new platform?

If there are any efforts, I'd be happy to contribute as much as I can.


As a little encouragement: Windows Vista will run (or at least  
install) on them and we don't want to look worse than Microsoft, do  
we? ;)

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